Hydrogen stocks to watch

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Hydrogen is undoubtedly a growth sector. Bullish projections exist for almost every facet of the industry. It is natural for retail and institutional investors to want exposure to this booming sector. Whilst Altroleum is not publicly listed (yet), it is already possible to get financial exposure to the hydrogen sector by investing in some of the stocks highlighted in this article. Indeed, many of these stocks have outperformed a historical bull market; Plug Power (NASDAQ: PLUG), for instance, has gained over 1600% in the last year.

Besides the stocks listed below, there are many others that are exposed to the growth of the hydrogen sector. This includes most oil & gas stocks, industrial gases and chemical companies.

To be clear, this article is NOT investment advice!

Some hydrogen stocks to watch (listed alphabetically):

Altroleum provides daily hydrogen production cost assessments with the highest temporal and spatial granularity on the market. Altroleum covers all of the well-established production technologies (SMR, SMR w/ CCS, AEM, PEM) and covers geographies across Europe and North America.

A hydrogen price assessment in the Altroleum platform

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