July 2021 global hydrogen summary

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Compiled 02/08/2021

In Europe, the UK, Germany, and The Netherlands moved mostly in tandem - across the board, hydrogen prices reached new 2021 highs. A greater rise in power prices saw green hydrogen widen the the gap with grey and blue. Gas and electricity volatility was reflected in all European benchmarks.

EUA prices hovered around their highs after several weeks of stability. Blue hydrogen looks like the more attractive option for natural gas derived hydrogen in Europe.

Texas green hydrogen benchmarks crashed back down after reaching massive peaks in June but remain inflated compared with previous months and even previous energy crises. At the same time, gas prices climbed ever higher seeing grey hydrogen consolidate above $1/kg.

In contrast to the Gulf coast, Californian energy prices ended the month little changed after some volatility.

In Alberta, a small uptick in natural gas pushed May's benchmark slightly higher, whilst electricity prices left green hydrogen benchmarks mostly unchanged.

Globally, the continually changing price differentials between cost benchmarks emphasises the importance of keeping a close eye on hydrogen production cost movements.

Cost assessment figures have been redacted.

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Information correct at time of writing.

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