October 2021 global hydrogen summary

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Compiled 01/11/2021

In Europe, the UK, Germany, and The Netherlands continued to move mostly in tandem. In every case, hydrogen costs dipped after October’s steep rise, dropping around 30% to mid-September levels. Continental Europe continues to be more expensive than the UK for grey and blue hydrogen. The UK, however, is the more expensive choice for green hydrogen, with the Netherlands being slightly cheaper, and Germany cheaper still.

EUA prices dropped a little, back slightly below 60 EUR per tonne. Blue hydrogen looks like the more attractive option for natural gas derived hydrogen in Europe.

In Texas, the price of grey hydrogen ended the month with little change, in spite of some volatility. The case with green hydrogen in Texas was similar: some volatility, but little overall movement.

In California, the price of green hydrogen dropped a little at the beginning of the month, before rising relatively steadily by around 25%.

In Alberta, as in Texas, the price of green hydrogen showed little change, climbing a little initially before resuming the level at which it began the month.

Globally, the continually changing price differentials between cost benchmarks emphasises the importance of keeping a close eye on hydrogen production cost movements.

Cost assessment figures have been redacted.

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