Who cares about how much hydrogen costs? Part 6: Everyone

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Altroleum publishes daily production cost assessments for hydrogen for both Europe and North America, available now. But who should really care about how much hydrogen costs?

Broadly, these stakeholders can be classified into several buckets:

This is the sixth in a series of articles profiling these stakeholders.


It is broadly acknowledged that we are in the midst of a climate crisis and, if left unabated, there would be a set of severe economic and societal consequences. One of the few positives emerging from pandemic-society is a renewed vigour to fix the climate.

However, such a serious undertaking requires serious commitment. The Paris agreement of 2015 represents a set of ambitious targets, but in order to realise them, stakeholders across governments, economies and industries must change their behaviour.

In practice, there is no one single technology for decarbonising the environment. It will take a combined effort to deploy an entire stack of technologies to meet the goals agreed in Paris, including deployment of wind, solar and hydrogen assets, enabling platforms, such as Altroleum, and regulatory pressure from government.

However, it is clear that the development of a hydrogen sector is an important vector in resolving the climate crisis.

There are many applications of hydrogen which are simply unsuitable for battery power, including decarbonising industrial heat and long distance and/or heavy freight. Hydrogen can be produced by electrolysing excess or stranded renewables, and can then be used to load balance electricity grids. On-site generation of hydrogen can be used to decarbonise activities and operations without direct access to the grid.

Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell powered truck

According to some projections, hydrogen can obsolete up to a third of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and account for almost 20% of total energy consumed. This represents massive growth relative to the current size of the hydrogen industry, and we are all stakeholders if we care for the climate. To that end, it is important to everyone that the cost of hydrogen production becomes competitive.

Altroleum provides daily hydrogen production cost assessments with the highest temporal and spatial granularity on the market. Altroleum covers all of the well-established production technologies (SMR, SMR w/ CCS, AEM, PEM) and covers geographies across Europe and North America.

A hydrogen price assessment in the Altroleum platform

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